Board of Directors

Michael Menefee

Michael Menefee

Founder and CEO

Michael founded Trusted Metrics in 2010 and continues to oversee the vision and direction of Trusted Metrics’ service offerings. Michael has spent his entire career in the Information Security industry, having worked on projects early-on for the Federal Government (SSA and DOJ) focused on network management and encryption; then in the private Telecom sector (Startec Global Communications and Sharemedia) focused on firewalls, antivirus, voice over IP and internetworking; and finally as an entrepreneur in the same marketplace for the past 10 years with his companies Secure Solve, Inc, WireHead Security, LLC and Infosec Island, LLC (purchased by Security Week in 2012).

Michael is the founder of Secure Solve Inc, WireHead Security LLC, Infosec Island LLC (, founder of the North Carolina OWASP chapter, is an ISECOM Team Member, and regularly provides hands-on technical information security training for MIS Training Institute.

Prior to founding Secure Solve, WireHead Security, Infosec Island and Trusted Metrics, Michael was the Director of Enterprise Security for US Networks Inc, acquired by Perimeter Internetworking in 2005, where he developed several bleeding-edge managed services platforms that preceded Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) prevention technologies before it was “cool”.

Marco Muto

Marco Muto

Chief Operating Officer

Marco joined Trusted Metrics in early 2013 to assist the Company in achieving its strategic vision for growth. He leads all Sales and Marketing initiatives, including the management of business development partnerships. Marco also complements the Project Management team to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

With 14 years of account management and consulting experience in Information Technology, Marco understands that our customers are our foundation to success. Before teaming with Trusted Metrics, Marco was the CEO of Rebellion Technologies, LLC, a consulting firm focusing on the emerging technology trends for small- to mid-sized businesses and government entities.

Dennis C. Hayes

Dennis C. Hayes

Founder, Hayes Security, LLC

Dennis C. Hayes invented the PC modem in 1977, establishing the critical technology that allowed today’s online and Internet industries to emerge and grow. With a modest investment he boot-strapped the company to become the leader in the industry, and changed the Telecommunications industry as we know it by establishing a reproduce-able baseline of quality and performance.

Under his leadership, the Hayes Microcomputer Company grew to annual sales of 250 Million, employed over 1500, established distribution in 40 countries, and created an industry standard that was based on Hayes Modems.

During his career, Hayes founded and served as Chairman of The Association of Online Professionals, and worked with Congress for over 15 years to support a free and open internet.

He also served as Co-Chair of the Public Policy Committee of CompTIA and founded the Georgia High Tech Alliance, which facilitated the communication between Hi Tech executives and the Georgia state legislature.

Hayes was one of the first four inductees of Technology Hall of Fame of GA in 1993 and was inducted in to the Industry Hall of Fame in 2003 at Comdex.

In July of 2014 Dennis Hayes founded Hayes Security LLC, which provides cyber security consulting services, software development, functional testing services and security software.
Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

Wilmington Investor Network

Mr. Hunt is Founder and Managing Partner at The MITA Group, a public affairs and business strategy consultancy based in Washington, DC.

His previous experience includes both executive-level management as well as intra- and entrepreneurial ventures.As Founder, President and CEO of Ernst & Young Technologies, he had significant influence on the growth and success of the division. After the merger of Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini, he became President of Cap Gemini Technologies, and was responsible for the management of this subsidiary of Cap Gemini.

Jim was a Managing Director of Global System Integration at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where he was responsible for building complete hardware and software delivery and system integration. Additionally, he was Founder, President and CEO of BDS Incorporated, a computer networking and UNIX client server focused federal system integration company, as well as a consultant for many high technology companies.

Jim is also actively involved in various other organizations, such as Carnegie Speech, iMove, Inc, Sensics andVideoNext. He manages an extensive portfolio as an angel venture.

Mr. Hunt is Director of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and graduated from the University of Notre Dame and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

David Drescher

Ballast Fund Managing Partner

Serial entrepreneur, CEO and active investor/Director focused on early stage companies in IT, software and clean energy. Managing Partner and co-founder of The Ballast Fund, an investment group focused on start-ups.

Former CEO, lead investor and Director on Board of Gravity Renewables, Inc., a private-equity-backed clean energy company focused on acquiring, owning and operating small hydroelectric power plants, based in Boulder, CO. As former CEO of Gravity, David helped transition Gravity from a consulting firm with deep expertise in small hydro and renewable energy to a high growth, private equity backed company in the clean energy space.

Prior to The Ballast Fund and Gravity Renewables, David co-founded and was CEO at Roam Secure ( a homeland security software company that built cutting edge and patented emergency alerting solutions for the largest cities, states, federal government agencies, universities and leading companies in the US, grew the company and lead the emergency text alerting/mass notification industry, sold Roam Secure in 2007 to Cooper Industries a Fortune 500 global company, acquired by Eaton Corp (Ticker: ETN).

David is an investor in and adviser to several early stage clean energy and IT companies and works with various universities on next generation technologies.