Security Monitoring for Point of Sales Systems

Compliance Logging and Assurance for Merchants and POS Providers

Protection from Payment Processors

With Elastic SOC®, POS Distributors and Integrators can have peace of mind with 3rd-party event logging and alerting for suspicious activity. Trusted Metrics provides the mechanism to shut down potential breach activity before it becomes a breach, and provides an audit-trail that can be used to defend against heavy fees and penalties imposed by the Payment Processors and banks when a sustained breach occurs.



Realtime Alerts

Get email notifications when suspicious traffic is occurring at your customer sites. Stop the breach before it happens.


Audit Trail

Respond to PCI-related breach requests for information and provide assurance that suspected activity did not occur. Prevent heavy penalties and fines that can occur months after a card breach.

Cloud Integrations

Integrate with your Google Authenticator, LogMeIn, Teamviewer and other platform logs to correlate and report on known access attempts.

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Prevent Card Breaches Before They Happen

Get realtime notifications when suspicious activity occurs on your back office systems and terminals. Whether it’s related to employees mis-using computing resources (gaming, social media, torrent downloads), or network anomalies that indicate a change in behavior, Trusted Metrics has you covered.

Log Everything

Elastic SOC® allows you to integrate router, firewall, WiFi access points, server and terminal logs into a single interface across multiple customers on a low per-device monthly cost basis. Provide the adequate level of protection for each client at a price-point they can easily afford.

Employee Monitoring

Are client employees mis-using computing resources for personal use? You bet they are. Elastic SOC® provides realtime alerts and scheduled reporting for all outbound network activity, including social media use, online gaming and illegal torrent downloads.

Anomaly Detection

Mistakes happen. Did you accidentally allow customers to access the private WiFi network, or connect 2 network segments by mistake? Even worse, has your remote access solution been compromised? You can know for sure with realtime alerts from Elastic SOC®

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Forensic Analysis

The day will come when the Card company, a Payment Processor, the Secret Service or the FBI asks you to provide an accounting of activity for a client location (or multiple locations) suspected in a breach. With Elastic SOC® it’s quick and painless to turn over a full audit trail of all past activity for a client, and then move on with your life.


Log Archiving

Configurable per-customer or per-event log storage allows you to wind back the clock and see what happened 6 months ago or a year ago.

All logs are securely encrypted and validated for use in a forensic audit and analysis is facilitated by our 24×7 staff.


We investigate trends across all of your customer locations to determine if a larger, more severe data breach is in the works. Is there a sudden up-tick in traffic to or from a particular country, or increased activity across all clients for a particular software application? We will investigate and report on all such activity.

Independent Validation

Never be in a position where you or your clients must blindly accept fault for a breach. Elastic SOC® is truly an independent validation source with no ties to the Payment Card Industry. Our job is to protect you and your clients from accepting liability for a breach when audit data would be otherwise unavailable.

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