Elastic SOC® for Enterprises

Streamlined Security Operations without the Hassle

Threat Detection

With integrated Intrusion Detection supported by Emerging Threats’ IQ Risk Reputation Data, you can easily stay on top of potential threats before they become breaches.

Log Correlation

Process and store logs from your entire infrastructure, and analyze them against Situational Awareness sources like DHCP, Active Directory, Vulnerability Reports and IP Reputation Databases.

Alerts & Reports

Multi-level, configurable alerting thresholds, mixed with on-demand and scheduled reporting, makes Elastic SOC® a powerful management tool.

Analytics for all of your event data


With Elastic SOC® organizations can monitor, analyze and report on anything across numerous data sources and event types in real-time. No more waiting for relational database queries to finish.

Instant access!

Now, you can find big trends or infrequent anomalies with a single click, or construct an elaborate query to get the exact data you need quickly, without the infrastructure costs of processing and storing data utilized by traditional SIEM platforms.




Flat-Rate Monthly Pricing

(No up-front deployment fees, ever)

A Feature-Rich, Flexible and Scalable SIEM Platform

Elastic SOC® empowers any organization to quickly deploy a world-class Security Operations Center – scaling for growth as it occurs, while utilize existing resources. No per-device, or per-sensor fees. Deploy multiple sensors, agents and data feeds at no additional cost.
No hardware, software, maintenance fees or certifications required to have a fully functioning Security Operations Center in no time.

World-class Elastic SOC without the Hassle

Traditionally, Enterprises have to cobble together various technologies to get a usable Elastic SOC; piecing together expensive commercial applications with open-source tools.

We’ve taken the hassle and cost-barriers out of the equation, without sacrificing functionality.

You get what you want, easily.

What You Need Without the Cost

“Magic Quadrant” vendors charge too much and offer too little. If you want additional features, you can pay more for those too.

Elastic SOC® provides the platform for any organization to deploy a customized Security Operations Center without having to justify the cost or cut budgets elsewhere.


Elastic SOC® provides the following:

  • Log Correlation
  • Log Archiving
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • Situational Awareness
  • NMS Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • More…