Alert Notifications and Reporting

Consume Your Data the Way You Want It



Access on-demand or scheduled reports that either summarize your various data sources, or peels out important events on a routine basis.

Create reports such as:

  • New User Accounts
  • Disabled Accounts
  • Changes to important filesystems
  • Pass/Fail ratios on Policy Engines

..and many more. Completely customizable.


Create customized email alerts based on single-event or complex multi-event, mixed-plugin, time and frequency-based policies.

Create your own, or access default alerts such as:

  • Brute-force attacks
  • Privileged logins
  • Excessive Traffic from a source
  • Nightly Backup Failures

The possibilities are endless.

Realtime Notifications and Scheduled Reports

Customize Your Consumption


Customized, complex, cross-plugin alerts ensure you get notified when you want to about critical events.

Scheduled or on-demand reports provide the data necessary for decision-making.