Intrusion Detection

Built-in or integrated with any 3rd party IDS


Network Sensors

Inspect traffic as it flows through your network infrastructures and virtualized environments in real time.

  • Threat & Malware Identification
  • Anomaly Detection
  • IP & Domain Reputation
  • HTTP Decoders
  • PCAP Capture

Powered by Suricata and Emerging Threats

Host Agents

Find attacks and threat scenarios with agent-based detection capabilities for all of your servers.

  • Log Monitoring
  • File Integrity Checking
  • Windows Registry Monitoring
  • Rootkit Detection
  • Active Response

Powered by Ossec

Situational Awareness and Event Correlation

Correlate Everything


When integrated with DHCP logs, our Active Directory/LDAP plugin and Emerging Threats IQRisk® IP and domain reputation database, Elastic SOC® provides complete visibility and event investigation from a single click.