Log Correlation

If it produces a log, Elastic SOC® supports it

Network Devices

Correlate events from any networking equipment via standard Syslog format.

No special tricks or extra software. Just point your devices to an Elastic SOC® Collector, and you’re off to the races.


Integrate all of your Windows and Linux system logs into a single console via standard Syslog format or Ossec HIDS agents.

With Elastic SOC® you can enable a full audit trail and let us worry about storage and retention.


Web servers, DB transaction records, Java apps, Antivirus logs and more via a single console.

Elastic SOC® supports Syslog, WMI, Snare, Ossec, OPSEC, SDEE, SNMP, LDAP, custom DB connectors and more!


Correlate Logs from Any Datasource

Events from any source can be correlated and modeled and then turned into a report or alarm notification.

There is no restriction on what can be integrated into Elastic SOC®. This is the only platform available that has no restrictions on the amount or type of data that can be included.


Some of the many vendors we support include: