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We’re proud of our Elastic SOC® product and believe we have the best RMM/SIEM/Log Correlation offering for your clients – but one size doesn’t fit all. We need to hear more about your clients and your needs first.

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We’ll give you a test drive of Elastic SOC®, answer all your questions, and get you comfortable with all of the features – then deploy (over the cloud) for your own internal use. Our pricing, product, and support are unbeatable.


Deploy to your clients’ networks

We’ll help you go-to-market with your current & future clients and be there for you every step of the way. Then, you can either utilize your existing SOC or lean on Trusted Metrics’ expert security analysts 24×7.

Rapid Client Deployment

An Elastic SOC® Collector can be deployed to a client in as little as 20 minutes on either a physical server or virtual machine, immediately integrate with existing threat protection packages, and directly connect with your client’s Active Directory for added contextual data and immediate event flows. While physical sensor deployments do take more than 20 minutes, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth rollout.

Scalable Backend Infrastructure

Elastic SOC® is, well “Elastic” at it’s core. There is no concept of having to distribute clients across multiple SQL-based databases, file stores or UI consoles.

If you need to expand your Elastic SOC® deployment, simply add more nodes to each required component and keep rolling! Each Elastic SOC® cluster is rated for a particular performance expectation, but you control when and to what extent you want to expand the infrastructure to support your clients.

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