Multi-Tenant SIEM & Log Correlation Platform

Support all of your clients on a single deployment


Multiple Clients

Support all of your clients onto the cloud-based Elastic SOC® platform with ease – support trillions of events every month across any industry and any size client. Tiered pricing helps maximize your ROI and eliminate cost-based risks.

Granular ACLs

Each user gets their own login to their personal dashboards, reports, and machine data. Permissions and access levels are configurable per-user within each client, enabling total control over who can consume what data.

Full Control

Customize to your heart’s content – down to individual policies, alert & alarm settings and reports for every single event-type for every client and every user. Customized email templates, report templates, per-client plugin rules and more!

Built for your unique needs & customized for your clients

Elastic SOC’s® multi-tenancy empowers you to onboard as many clients as possible, across any industry and geography. Our low startup costs coupled with usage-based, tiered pricing enable you to mitigate all cost-based risks for the initial ramp-up period.

Elastic SOC® can be customized with extreme granularity to create a unique client experience. From customized policy/alert/alarm settings on every network device to detailed reports and highly configurable report permissions for clients, Elastic SOC® is the only SOC platform built for service providers.

Give Each Customer a Unique Experience

Elastic SOC’s multi-tenancy allows you to give each customer and individual user a unique experience. Full ACL and feature control enables you to provide varying levels of service, based on your business model.

Custom Dashboards, Alerts & Reports

We know that no two clients have the same needs. Elastic SOC provides the flexibility and control for a tailored experience for each end-user – all with your own branding, templates and color choices.

Your Service Offering, Your Brand

You shouldn’t be forced to promote a 3rd-party vendor’s brand in the delivery of your service. Make Elastic SOC your own, and build customer loyalty based on your company, your team and your expertise.

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