White-Labeled Security Operations Center

Your Look and Feel – Our Infrastructure and Support

Make It Your Own

The client-facing dashboard will have your own color schemes, tag lines, logos, and support numbers (if you have your own SOC) – expanding your brand with increased presence on client networks.

Win New Business

Bid on new contract proposals with Elastic SOC® and expand existing client relationships. Use Elastic SOC® as a gateway to convert and attract larger clients who demand in-house product offerings.

Retain Clients

Elastic SOC® has the features of SIEM, RMM, and log correlation solutions for a fraction of the price of our competitors. This unique client value proposition will increase client satisfaction and boost overall client retention.

Your Customers, Your Service Offering

As an MSP and MSSP, you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle – providing excellent support across large product lines to a wide variety of clients in multiple industries…while trying to keep up with dynamic industry events, retaining existing clients, and attracting new clients.

Retain existing clients by white-labelling Elastic SOC® – a low-priced, highly intuitive SIEM, Log Correlation & IDS platform designed to give end-user clients what they want. Attract new clients in your existing verticals and expand into new industries by offering a solution traditionally not available to many organizations. 

Break Free from Product Vendors

It’s your business, you should be free to provide the services your clients need without industry ties to expensive vendors.


  • No Expensive Certifications

  • No Expensive Licensing

  • No Limits on what you can do