Elastic SOC® for SMBs

Enterprise Security Monitoring on a Budget

Enterprise-grade Visibility

Whether you’re a small company, a startup or just need visibility into your cloud deployments, you can get top-shelf analytics and reporting without paying for it.

Minimize Your Cost

Starting at just $500/month, you can get IDS, Log Correlation, Reporting, Forensics and more. There are never any deployment costs. and you can scale as you grow.


Customized Alerts

Get notified about the events that are important to you. New accounts, configuration changes, inbound attacks – you name it. With Elastic SOC® you can know when to respond.

Analytics for all of your event data


With Elastic SOC® organizations can monitor, analyze and report on anything across numerous data sources and event types in real-time. No more waiting for relational database queries to finish.

Instant access!

Now, you can find big trends or infrequent anomalies with a single click, or construct an elaborate query to get the exact data you need quickly, without the infrastructure costs of processing and storing data utilized by traditional SIEM platforms.




Enterprise-Grade Security on a Budget

Visibility for your Systems, Devices and Applications

Elastic SOC® empowers SMBs and Start-ups to gain insight into their operations without the cost of building a Security Operations Center internally, or purchasing a vendor platform that requires on-site expertise.

Monitor Users and Processes

Every Organization deals with threats, both external and -increasingly- internal. Elastic SOC® allows SMBs and Startups to have full visibility into every activity, transaction and operation without impeding on the end-user experience.

Cover your buns without spending a fortune.

Monitoring and Assessments

Satisfy regulatory and client requirements with integrated on-demand or scheduled Vulnerability Assessments.

Elastic SOC® integrates with commercial and open-source vulnerability assessment tools like Nessus and Qualys to give you a full view into your potential vulnerabilities.


Elastic SOC® provides the following:

  • Log Correlation
  • Log Archiving
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • Situational Awareness
  • NMS Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • More…

Full Features