Trusted Metrics and Secure Now Partner to Guide MSPs on Security Monitoring

Partnership Brings Cybersecurity Education to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Serving Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Raleigh, NC — Today, Trusted Metrics Inc., an Information Security solutions company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, in partnership with Secure Now!, a New Jersey-based IT Security consultancy and training firm, announced an initiative to educate over 300 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across the country on cybersecurity monitoring tools for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Trusted Metrics produces and distributes Elastic SOC®, a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform which gives organizations of any size the ability to incorporate SIEM as a framework for centralized log correlation, intrusion detection, asset management, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, alarm generation and network performance management into a single console. This solution was specifically designed with managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) in mind, giving them the ability to deploy a virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) for their clients, enabling around-the-clock network security monitoring, protection and response.

Trusted Metrics already provides many service providers and end users with Elastic SOC®, delivering the greatest performance at a reduced cost when compared with traditional cloud-based or on-premise products. Elastic SOC® was built for a MSP/MSSP who is looking to enter the security market or enhance their current security offering with a multi-tenant and highly scalable solution. Through MSPs and MSSPs, Trusted Metrics provides SMB’s an improved approach to building a much-needed enterprise-level security posture at a price-point affordable to small and mid-sized businesses.

Our MSP partners have asked us to help them understand the steps they need to take to provide more security services to their SMB clients”, said Art Gross, President and CEO of Secure Now! “Our partnership with Trusted Metrics brings security monitoring services that were built for the SMB market. An upcoming webinar will educate our partners on the critical steps needed to ensure that their clients’ infrastructure is properly monitored and protected. We are excited to offer this education to our partners.” For more information on the webinar for MSPs, please visit:

Trusted Metrics’ Founder and CEO, Michael Menefee said, “Through this partnership with Secure Now, we can offer our experience and expertise to service providers who need to offer security services to their SMB clients. The industry needs to understand that small to medium-sized businesses need the same protection from cyber threats as large corporations. A provider can white-label Elastic SOC® and offer their customers the unsurpassed security monitoring and liability protection through an extremely scalable, multi-tenant platform. Enhancing a MSPs suite of solutions with the highest quality security monitoring platform on the market has always been our goal.

About Trusted Metrics Inc.: Trusted Metrics Inc. ( is a privately held, investor-backed Information Technology (IT) security solution provider headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Founded by industry veterans in 2011, Trusted Metrics produces Elastic SOC®, a multi tenant, cloud-based Security Operations Center platform for managed service providers (MSP), managed security service providers (MSSP) as well as government, higher education, industrial and commercial customers around the country. Already processing trillions of events per day for our clients and partners, Trusted Metrics focuses on enabling enterprise security visibility and rapid response by consolidating networking, systems, application and security event information, thereby providing clients with actionable and reliable metrics and reporting.

About Secure Now!: Secure Now! has been dedicated to helping Small to Midsize Businesses (SMB) protect sensitive information, reduce the likelihood of a data breach and provide remediation services in the event of a breach. The HIPAA Secure Now! service helps healthcare clients protect patient information and comply with HIPAA regulations. The Breach Secure Now! service helps SMB clients across multiple industries protect sensitive information and minimize the chance of a data breach. The Secure Now! services focus on employee training, security risk assessments, policy creation, cyber financial protection and breach remediation services. Learn more at