Trusted Metrics and Southern Coastal Solutions Partner to Bring Enterprise-class Security Monitoring to Merchants

The Elastic Security Operations Center (Elastic SOC®) Brings Security Monitoring and Threat Detection to Point of Sale Systems and Terminals


Raleigh, NC — Today, Trusted Metrics Inc., an Information Security solutions company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, announced a partnership with Raleigh-based Southern Coastal Solutions Inc., a POS Systems Distributor and Integrator. The partnership expands Southern Coastal’s capabilities to monitor and respond to ongoing cyber threats at merchant locations by utilizing Trusted Metrics’ Elastic Security Operations Center (Elastic SOC®).

Trusted Metrics’ Founder and CEO, Michael Menefee said, “Merchants and their service providers continue to take the brunt of financial penalties imposed by the payment processors and banking industry resulting from cybersecurity breaches. In most cases, the individual merchants and their providers have no way of refuting the payment processors’ claims that their locations were the source of a breach, let alone have the ability to monitor and react in real-time to prevent card breaches. By utilizing Elastic SOC®, Southern Coastal’s customers are protected with managed firewalls, a detailed audit record of everything that occurs on the back office systems and terminals, and real-time alerts when suspicious activity occurs.”

In retail and restaurant businesses, credit cards are the most discussed type of fraud and typically aren’t identified for 3-6 months after the initial intrusion.  However, these environments also allow for potential breach of employee information including social security numbers and payroll information.

Southern Coastal Chief Executive Officer, Jason Cummins said, “Cyber attacks are only getting worse, with new vulnerabilities being identified daily. Preventive measures are a necessary to be in place but shouldn’t be the only defense. Preventive measures combined with Elastic SOC® provides our clients with the ability to detect any intrusion or questionable internal activity in a timely manner, allowing for faster remediation and response.”


About Trusted Metrics Inc.: Trusted Metrics Inc. ( is a privately held, investor-backed Information Technology (IT) security solution provider headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Founded by industry veterans in 2011, Trusted Metrics produces Elastic SOC®, a virtual Security Operations Center platform for managed service providers (MSP) as well as government, higher education, industrial and commercial customers around the country. Already processing trillions of events per day for our clients and partners, Trusted Metrics focuses on enabling enterprise security visibility and rapid response by consolidating networking, systems, application and security event information, thereby providing clients with actionable and reliable metrics and reporting.


About Southern Coastal Solutions Inc.: Southern Coastal Solutions Inc. ( is a privately held, Point of Sale Systems Integrator, headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Founded in 2007, Southern Coastal Solutions is VAR focused on the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industry with over 600 clients throughout the U.S. Southern Coastal Solutions is focused on raising the industry bar by providing reliable solutions and superior ongoing service and support.